Would you like to know how many words your website has and how much it would cost to translate?


Enter the URL of your website, indicate the source language and into which language you would like to translate your website.<br> Once the count is over, we will contact you with the result.

Leave us your contact details and as soon as the completed word count is ready, we will send you an email with the number of words and a quote for the translation.

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    What is the ATLS website word counter?

    If you are considering translating your website, and you need to know how many words it has, this is the tool for you! Our website word counter easily scans your website and counts the total number of words.

    The ATLS website word counter is a free online tool that counts the words on your website: It uses a crawler that counts the words on all the pages of your website, right down to the meta tags, without you having to copy and paste the content of your website.

    With our word counter, just type in your website URL, and enter the source language and the target language.We will activate the website word counter tool. Once finished, we will contact you with the tally of words counted. In the report that we will send you, we will specify the number of URLs on your website, the total number of words on your website and the number of word repetitions. This information will allow you to request a quote for the translation of your website quickly and easily.