ATLS is a translation and technology company offering professional B2B translation services.

Why choose ATLS? For a number of reasons... Here are some of them:

We're a company that goes beyond translation services. managing and translating content for major IBEX35-listed companies. We offer proprietary technology that enables our customers to automate their translation process and marketing actions at an international level (SEO/SEM), as well as copywriting, transcreation and digital consultancy services. As a result, all our customers need to focus on is creating content in a single source language.

We translate from and into more than 100 languages. Some of the most popular languages we translate are:

If you would like a quote for a translation service, please complete the quote form on our website, or contact us by email or phone.

The translation lead-time depends on the word volume, the complexity of the text, and the number of languages to be translated. However, we can generally translate a 10,000-word document within 5 business days.