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    Legal clauses


    If you sell products or services in Catalonia, your sales information also needs to be in Catalan, in accordance with Article 128.1 on the linguistic rights of consumers.

    Elements that must appear in Catalan:

    Catalan law
    Purchase invitations (such as a restaurant menu), contractual documentation, budgets, deposit receipts, invoices, etc.
    translate website in Catalan
    The websites of companies that target potential Catalan consumers and that incorporate any information contained in the aforementioned article must also contain this information in Catalan.
    translate posters into Catalan
    Fixed signs and posters, such as the exterior signage indicating the commercial activity, the interior signage for offers and services, section signs and the linear signs on the shelves where the products are displayed.
    translate product labels
    Product labelling: information, safety warnings, precautions, operating instructions and anything that is considered compulsory in accordance with the sectoral regulations applicable to each case.
    translate Catalan manual
    The information necessary for the consumption and use of goods and services includes mandatory data to protect health and safety, regardless of the medium or format used.
    translate financial institution documents
    Cheques, promissory notes, cheque books and other documents offered by financial institutions. Communications via a company loudspeaker.

    After reading this, you might be thinking "uh oh! I'm in for a shock!". We have good news and bad news. Let's start with the bad: BE CAREFUL! If this law is not complied with, the penalties can be substantial!

    And the good news: with a simple professional and quality translation, you can sell your products or services in Catalonia without exposing yourself to financial penalties. ATLS has over 23 years' experience helping large enterprises access the Catalan market.

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    Due to the nature of the business, the retail sector generates massive volumes of content to be translated. The day-to-day work of brands, which is determined by aspects like their global dimension, the resources allocated to marketing and the endless product portfolio, among other things, generates a vast amount of material.

    Retail translation essentially focuses on:

    • Translation of signage
    • Translation of the online store
    • Translation of communications
    • Translation of product information
    • Translation of advertising at the point of sale
    • Translation of digital marketing campaigns
    • Translation of websites
    • Translation of documentation
    • Translation of catalogues and brochures
    • Translations of after-sales material
    • Translation of social media content
    • Translation of user manuals and packaging


    • The aspects of our translations that our customers appreciate most are quality, speed, price, customer service, availability, flexibility and punctuality.
    • Our translation company has an extensive team of translators who specialise in the retail sector.
    • Over 20 years translating for the retail sector.
    • Our ISO 17100:2015 quality certificate guarantees the rigour and accuracy of our retail and commercial distribution translations.