ATLS integra la empresa de traducción e interpretación INTERLINCO

    ATLS, una de las empresas españolas más importantes de traducción del sur de Europa, según CSA Research, ha integrado a la empresa INTERLINCO SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS Y DE COMUNICACIÓN, S.L., especializada en traducción e interpretación. Stéphane Magnard, CEO de ATLS, ha destacado que “con la incorporación de INTERLINCO, ATLS sigue su camino hacia la expansión nacional […]

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    ATLS top translation company 26 Jun

      ATLS in the top translation companies ranking

      Market research company Common Sense Advisory (CSR Research) names ATLS as one of the translation sector's top companies. This report, published in June 2023 under the title "The Top LSPs in Southern Europe in 2023," placed ATLS as one of the [...]

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      ATLS Global, S.L. adquiere INK MULTILINGUAL, S.A. 5 Apr

        ATLS GLOBAL, S.L. acquires the translation company INK MULTILINGUAL, S.A.

        ATLS, una de las empresas españolas más importantes de traducción del sur de Europa, según la CSA Research, ha adquirido la empresa INK MULTILINGUAL SOLUTIONS, S.A., especializada en traducción médica y farmacéutica. Stéphane Magnard, CEO de ATLS, ha destacado que “con la incorporación de INK, ATLS crece de forma estratégica y se consolida en el […]

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        customer opinions 3 Apr

          96% of our clients are very satisfied with our work at ATLS

          At ATLS, we send a satisfaction survey to our customers once a year, as we believe in the importance of listening to them to improve our services and to be able to offer our best work every day. De entre todos los 1800 encuestados, el 96 % de ellos nos dio una respuesta positiva y afirman estar plenamente […]

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          ATLS at eShow Barcelona 2023 7 Mar

            ATLS will have a stand at the eShow Barcelona 2023

            The countdown has started for the 40th edition of the e-Show, the leading e-Commerce and B2B retail event in Spain. ATLS will be in Pavilion 1 in Montjuic at stand D28 to discover the latest trends in e-commerce and digital marketing and establish new business relationships. The Fira de Barcelona will host [...]

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            ATLS will attend MWC 2023 17 Feb

              ATLS WILL HAVE A STAND AT MWC 2023

              ATLS will attend the Mobile World Congress 2023, with a stand in the Spanish Pavilion, Hall 4, Stand 4C30. The countdown has begun for this great technological event, which will be held in Barcelona between 27 February and 2 March at Fira Gran Via. Mobile World Congress 2023 [...]

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              ATLS GLOBAL 3 Feb

                New tax name: ATLS GLOBAL, SL

                We have recently changed our corporate name to ATLS, with a new corporate image, and, as a result, there has been a change in our tax details. From February 2023 our tax name will no longer be AutomaticTrans, SL, but ATLS GLOBAL, SL. So, from now on, all invoices and [...]

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                ATLS new international marketing service 23 Jan

                  ATLS presents its new service: international digital marketing company

                  Today, the translation and technology company ATLS has presented the new service it is offering to its customers: international digital marketing. The rise of digital marketing is undeniable, but to generate quality content that attracts international customers, localisation is also a key component. With this service, ATLS is moving up the value chain [...]

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                  New corporate image 10 Jan

                    ATLS presents a new corporate image

                    AT Language Solutions is now called ATLS. Not only has the company changed its name, but also its entire corporate image. This rebranding seeks to visually express the company's leadership, potential and vision of the future. The change of logo is another step in [...]

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                    SATISFIED CLIENTS 9 Nov

                      98% of our clients are fully satisfied with our services

                      AT Language Solutions has recently conducted a satisfaction survey for existing customers. The results showed that 98% of the 1500 customers surveyed responded positively, stating that they were fully satisfied with our services and the customer care they received. Having satisfied customers is our proudest achievement! We also analysed [...]

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                      CSA ranking 8 Jul

                        AT in the top translation companies ranking

                        Market research company Common Sense Advisory (CSR Research) names AT Language Solutions as one of the translation sector's top companies. The report, published in July 2021 under the title 2021 Rankings of the Largest LSPs in the World, placed AT Language Solutions as [...]

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                        artificial intelligence 11 Feb

                        The Spanish Tax Agency opts for our artificial intelligence software

                        The Spanish Tax Agency opts for artificial intelligence software from AT Language Solutions for the human-reviewed machine translation of up to 500 web applications. The project, with an investment of more than €230,000 and an implementation period of up to two years, consolidates the popularity and continual growth of artificial intelligence networks. […]

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                        oficinamadrid 1 30 Sep

                        Office launched in the centre of Madrid

                        AT Language Solutions continues to grow, and we're moving! Ever since we acquired Aabam Translations last April our team in Madrid has grown significantly, and our former office no longer served the needs of a growing workforce with varied requirements. The new office is located in the administrative and economic heart of [...]

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                        NY spa 1 2 Sep

                        New AT Language Solutions website

                        AT Language Solutions has begun its rebranding process and is strengthening its online presence with a renewed, simpler, attractive and multi-device website. Esta nueva web, accesible en la misma dirección,, es más moderna e intuitiva. The creation of the website has focused on simplifying content through easy-to-navigate menus [...]

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                        Aabam Traducciones 2 Apr

                        AT Language Solutions® acquires AABAM Traducciones, S.L.

                        Leading Spanish B2B translation solutions provider AT Language Solutions® acquires AABAM Traducciones, S.L. The acquisition, effective as of yesterday, will consolidate the brand's presence in Madrid where it has also had another branch since 2015. Stéphane Magnard, CEO de ATLS®, ha destacado que ‘la compra de esta actividad confirma nuestro impulso de […]

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                        GDPR 19 Dec

                        AT Language Solutions complies with GDPR

                        AT Language Solutions® has successfully passed a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) audit carried out in December. Security measures relating to the company's processing of personal data (both automated and manual) were checked during the audit. In this way, AT [...]

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                        EMNLP2018 4 Dec

                        AT Language Solutions attends EMNLP 2018 and WMT18

                        The annual conference on empirical methods in natural language processing (EMNLP2018) and the third world conference on machine translation (WMT18) were held in Brussels from 31 October to 4 November. WMT18 is one of the most important international events dealing with research and development in machine translation (MT), in [...]

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                        France offices 26 Nov

                        AT Language Solutions opens its first office in France

                        AT Language Solutions®, a leading Spanish company in translation technology, opens an office in France, the first in its internationalisation process. The main goal of opening an office in Paris is to strengthen the company's position in a key strategic market in line with the contracts signed this year in France. This step is the result of an ambitious international expansion plan [...]

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                        ||||||| 25 Oct

                        AT Language Solutions partners with Adobe

                        AT Language Solutions, the leading translation company in the domestic market, has been recognised by Adobe as a partner for content translation and localisation solutions. AT Language Solutions will work closely with Adobe to bring new solutions to the market that allow clients to profit from the benefits of this partnership. “We're delighted to begin […]

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                        Customer satisfaction 9 Oct

                        95% of our clients are fully satisfied with our services

                        AT Languages Solutions has recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The results showed that 95% of our customers responded positively and stated that they were fully satisfied with our services and the attention they received. Having satisfied customers is what brings us the greatest pride! The survey also analysed which translation services [...]

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                        T-Systems 27 Jul

                        T-SYSTEMS entrusts AT to translate its website

                        One of our website translation technology solutions has enabled T-SYSTEMS, a German multinational specialising in information and communication technology, to have a website in two languages. We'll tell you what they needed and how we were able to provide the solution. What did T-SYSTEMS request? The multinational, which belongs to the Deutsche Telekom group, has a strong presence in Catalonia, […]

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                        ATS Cloud 20 Jun

                        We are launching ATS Cloud, our new machine translation service

                        AT Language Solutions has developed a new machine translation service using its own technology to permit companies to manage and translate content in just a few seconds. Why should you choose our tool? Let's take a look. Our automatic translation service, ATS Cloud, boasts 99% accuracy for a large portion of language combinations and […]

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                        OMExpo2018 9 May

                        AT Language Solutions attends the OMExpo 2018 fair

                        On 25 and 26 April, we had the opportunity to attend OMExpo, an event dedicated to marketing and e-commerce. Here's what happened! What is OMExpo? This annual event is geared towards professionals from the digital sector. In its latest edition held in Madrid, around 400 brands participated and more than 365 presentations were given, […]

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                        Hoy es Marketing 30 Apr

                        AT attends Hoy es Marketing

                        On 18 April, Hoy es Marketing 2018 took place in Madrid. We didn't have to think twice about attending this event dedicated to marketing and management. Here's what happened! What is Hoy es Marketing? This annual event, aimed at professionals and executives from the fields of business, marketing, communications and digital economy, is organised by the ESIC Business […]

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                        Alimentaria Fair 25 Apr

                        AT Language Solutions at the Alimentaria Fair

                        From 16 to 19 April Spain's leading food, beverages and gastronomy fair, Alimentaria 2018, was held in Barcelona. We didn't want to miss out, so we attended the fair for its latest edition. We'll tell you! What is Alimentaria 2018? The fair connects the Spanish food and beverage industry with key markets […]

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                        translate a website 20 Feb

                        We're launching AT Website Translator

                        At last, we're proud to announce the launch of AT Website Translator, an online translation platform that any company can use to translate its website in minutes. The solution offers a proxy website translation service, developed using technology which is unique in the market. Proxy translation is fast and effective, enabling you to translate and publish localised websites instantly. How? […]

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