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    Prepare your international Google Ads campaign and the customers will come to you.

    With ATLS, turn your international Google Ads adverts into an effective tool. We can help you to define and implement your online advertising strategy, adapting it to your budget.

    We can help you to carry out your international SEM campaigns: online advertising segmented in accordance with your target market.

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    If you want to gain immediate visibility in international markets and you are looking for an agency who specialises in international Google Ads with native language management in multiple languages, you are in the right place. Not only do we specialise in international Google Ads, but we are also a translation agency with native SEM experts. When working on Google Ads in other languages, and for other countries, it is vital to work with a native speaker of the language, who understands the peculiarities of the target country, in order to accurately create the buyer profile.

    Why hire an international SEM agency?

    When carrying out international SEM campaigns, it is important that the advertisement be adapted to the target audience to ensure that the online advertising campaign is effective.

    An advertisement aimed at a target audience in France, but where the French is far too literal, will never have the same effectiveness as an advertisement created in native French using natural expressions. Similarly, your landing page will not generate the same level of confidence, not to mention conversions, if the French does not sound natural or adapted to the target public. For this very reason, it is important to work with specialists in international positioning.

    International multimedia digital advertising

    Expand your international SEM coverage with adverts on the display network. This type of international multimedia advertising can help to publicise a brand and product while reducing costs. From there, we can develop a specific conversion strategy. Our creative team will design the ads that best suit your brand image and your target audience.

    The million-dollar question:
    Do you have to translate the entire website, or just the advertisement's landing page?

    In an ideal world, you would translate your entire website. However, creating an international Google Ads campaign with a well-translated landing page can help you to reach a market that you otherwise could not. What's more, this could be the push you need to internationalise your business in other countries. You can discover the possible level of success that your products or services can find, without a large financial outlay. But remember: When potential clients visit your website, you will improve your conversions exponentially if it were translated.

    Whether it's for e-commerce or to attract leads, international SEM and online advertising allow companies quick access to their customers.

    If you want to internationalise your business and launch an international Google Ads campaign, don't hesitate to contact us.