Do you want to translate an app that allows you to access new markets? At ATLS, we have the solution you are looking for!

Do you have an app to translate? Our AT-GIT translates web applications, as well as native iOS and Android applications. It is not only important to translate the content, but also to localise it. You have to consider the target market, so you can adapt the app to this specific audience. Cultural and technical adaptation is a comprehensive process that can only be carried out by native translators with extensive experience in translating mobile applications.

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    A system that will connect your GIT directly with our translators, so it will become part of your app development process without being intrusive. The great advantage is that it allows the translation of texts to be automated, facilitating integration with development procedures and tools. This way, manipulation errors are minimised and it is easier to implement "agile" software development methodologies. We can work with any type of i18n format: xml, json, xliff, properties, etc.


    translation and adaptation of the user interface

    Translation and adaptation of the user interface (menus, text strings, error messages, dialogue boxes, status messages, etc.).

    Translation of resource files

    Translation of resource files (.xml), graphics and images.

    Complete translation of the application website

    Complete translation of the application website.

    Translation of online documentation

    Translation of online documentation (help files, README files, etc.).

    Translation of technical documentation

    Translation of technical documentation (quick guide, user manuals, installation manuals, configuration guide, FAQs, etc.).

    Translation of marketing documentation

    Translation of marketing documentation and advertising materials (banners, promotional videos, brochures, social media content, etc.).

    Translation of business and legal documentation

    Translation of business and legal documentation (licence contracts, agreements, etc.)


    • Our customers include small and large companies: software developers and distributors, multimedia producers that develop computer programs and apps, companies in the e-learning sector, etc.
    • At AT, we have a large team of professional native translators with extensive experience in translating and localising mobile and web apps.
    • We work with over 4,500 different language combinations.