Words are lovely, but if they are not transcribed, they can get lost in the noise. Would you like to have a written record of what has been said during a meeting or an event?

At AT, we have been transcribing the spoken word for over 22 years in more than 4,500 language combinations.

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    Transcription is the process of converting an audio or video into text. At ATLS, we offer high-quality transcription services to convert your audio recordings or video dialogues into written text for a variety of purposes. There are many varied reasons why a client might request the transcription of a spoken document. In most cases, it is part of the process of preparing audio or video files for subsequent translation.

    Some of the most common reasons to request a transcribed document include:

    • Speeches
    • Meetings
    • Conferences
    • Academic presentations
    • Videos
    • Seminars
    • Task forces
    • Board meetings

    The transcribed document faithfully reflects what the speaker has said. In law, for example, it is common to provide transcripts of trial recordings or videos to serve as evidence or other documentation. It can support the judge when it comes to analysing and understanding the multimedia resources provided.

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    Verbatim transcription

    As the name suggest, this type of transcription literally records, word for word, what has been said, including all errors and repetitions, such as "erm", "you know" or "yeah". As an example, this type of transcription is used in trials where any detail, however trivial it may seem, can be relevant.

    Edited transcription

    Natural transcription is more flexible than literal, as it eliminates anything that is considered irrelevant. As such, the information conveyed remains the same but it is presented in a more professional manner. This type of transcript is often used for training sessions, meetings or conferences, etc.

    Phonetic transcription

    Phonetic transcription transcribes sounds using symbols that the speaker can pronounce from their own language. This might be used if a person has to speak in a language with which they are not familiar. The solution is to write the text as it would be pronounced so that it can be read easily, even if the speaker does not understand what they are saying.

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    The customer sends us the audio or video for transcription, in any file type, and we take care of the rest.

    We agree on a delivery date and, at the end of the project, deliver a document presenting the requested transcription. It's that simple!

    Transcription and translation

    We not only offer a transcription service, but also the option to translate the transcription into other languages. Once the transcription is complete, we will send you a folder with the transcription along with the translations into the requested languages.


    • At AT, we have been transcribing audio and video for more than 20 years.
    • You will receive an impeccable transcription, carried out by native transcribers who are specialists in the relevant sector.
    • If needed, we can translate the transcription of your audio or videos into any language.
    • Arbitration, trials, management committees, conferences and meetings are just some of the events which we transcribe on a regular basis.
    • All audio or video transcripts are subject to rigorous quality control before they are submitted to the client.