Why centralise an international marketing agency and a translation agency?

international marketing and translation agency

It is increasingly common to outsource international marketing services and translation services, but they are usually done by different companies. So, what if there was an international marketing and translation agency out there where you could request both services? You'd have everything you need centralised into a single company!

In today's blog, we want to tell you about the advantages offered by centralising international marketing and translation services in one company. Ready? Here we go.

Why centralise international marketing services and translation services in a single company?

There are multiple reasons why it could be beneficial to centralise international marketing services and translation services in a single company:

  • Brand consistency: by having your international marketing and translation services in one company, you can be sure that your brand and marketing messages stay coherent across all the languages and countries in which you operate. This is especially important for companies operating in various international markets and that want to ensure their brand image is consistent and coherent in all of them.
  • Efficient project management: centralising international marketing and translation services in one company can make project management more efficient, since it eliminates the need to work with multiple providers in order to complete related tasks. This can simplify the project management process and reduce general costs by working with a single company.
  • Specialist knowledge in both fields: companies specialising in both international marketing and translation services can offer a unique and valuable perspective in both areas. By combining know-how and experience in both disciplines, these companies can help others to design and execute marketing strategies that are more effective in international markets.
  • Save time and resources: when you work with a single company, you can save time and resources by having a single point of contact and the ability to negotiate combined service packages. This can also simplify invoicing and payments.

In short, centralising international marketing services and translation services in one company can improve efficiency, consistency, coherence and specialist knowledge in both areas. Without a doubt, this is of great benefit to companies operating in international markets.

The importance of outsourcing translation and international marketing services

Although we have often talked about the importance of entrusting services to a professional translation company, we will continue to stress just how crucial it is, as well as the irreparable damage that a bad translation can cause to a brand's image. What's more, when a company launches on the international market, it is essential that it employs transcreation services to be able to communicate the same original message but to a very different market.

There is no doubt that hiring a translation company is the best option if you want to ensure excellent translations.

The same applies to marketing services, especially when it comes to international marketing services. In fact, there are several advantages to outsourcing a company's international marketing services:

  • Access to international marketing experts: companies engaged in international marketing have specific knowledge and experience in developing marketing strategies for different markets and cultures. Outsourcing the international marketing service allows companies to make the most of this expertise and get a better understanding of the needs and expectations of the target market.
  • Save time and resources: by eliminating the need to hire and train internal staff to handle the international expansion, you can save time and resources. It can also reduce the cost by allowing the company to focus on its core business and leave this specific matter in the hands of the experts.
  • Adaptation to the needs of the local market: outsourcing the international marketing service allows companies to better adapt to the needs of the local market. International marketing companies can help their customers understand the needs and preferences of the target market and to develop specific marketing strategies for that market.
  • Boost sales: exponential improvement in results the international market. Specialised companies can offer a fresh and different perspective, which can lead to a better understanding of the target market and a more effective marketing strategy.

Just for a second, image that your international marketing agency and your translation company are all in one. This gives you a huge competitive advantage, since the processes will be more agile and the message you want to convey to your audience will be translated and adapted correctly to your target market. Plus, your SEO will be perfectly suited to each international market. Sounds good, right?

Advantages of hiring an international marketing and translation company. All in one!

How can centralising international marketing services and translations in one company benefit your business? Read on and we'll explain the benefits of taking out a 360º International Marketing and Translation Service.

360 international marketing and translation service

Improve your brand's international presence

When you hire an agency that offers international marketing and translation services, with native translators in different languages and international digital marketing professionals specialising in different areas (like international copywriting, international SEO and SEM), your company will benefit. This is because the combination of both services will allow you to work on your brand's presence in different markets.

With the international copywriting and SEO service, the website content of your business will stand out from the competition, as well as charm the Google gods. Something not to be sniffed at, that's for sure! This means you will offer attractive and quality content to your target audience, thereby earning their trust. In addition, the message you want to convey will be adapted and localised in the language and for the market it is aimed at. Centralising these services makes it easier to establish project management systems that help you to have better work organisation and planning. What does this involve? Improved efficiency, since teams can work together to establish a timeline within the established budget.

Improved visibility of your website

Your international digital marketing and translation agency will work to optimise your website in terms of on-page and off-page SEO and technical SEO, thereby improving the organic positioning of your website in the various search engines and languages. International SEM is also important for breaking into new markets. It will help you to quickly make your services and products known in the global market. In both cases, it is very important to consider the culture, country and language of each market to offer content and ensure effective communication. This is why transcreation is the best option. When you showcase yourself on the world stage, it is important to ensure consistency and quality in the translation and adaptation of your content into different languages.

It will help you to improve the visibility of your website on a larger scale at an international level, since the content you will offer will be of greater value and have a stronger impact.

With a centralised team, it is easier to implement a better global marketing strategy, helping you to expand to international businesses and grab the attention of a wider and more diverse audience. It also allows you to optimise your website for internet search engines in different languages and markets.

Greater brand consistency and coherence

Brand consistency is something built out of effort and dedication and backed up by work and in-depth study, with the aim of establishing an international digital marketing strategy to achieve the desired brand image. It requires constant and meticulous work, but it can be destroyed or damaged with just a single translation mistake.

Consistency, like brand coherence, is crucial for global success, as it allows customers to identify and recognise your brand easily in different languages.

By creating a strong long-term consistency of your brand, it will remain in the mind of your consumers for a lifetime.

Increase your conversions

Efforts based on the implementation of different international marketing strategies, together with professional translation services, adapt and optimise the content. This allows us to reach a specific audience, which means a qualified increase in traffic to your website. By adapting your marketing and sales messages to the different international markets, you increase the chances that your potential customers will become end customers.

SEO + copywriting + SEM + Translation services = Increased sales

Do you want to internationalise your business and not fail?

ATLS is a translation company with 23 years of experience, and we also specialise in international digital marketing. We can help you to improve the international presence of your business, just as we do with large corporations. We offer solutions adapted to the customer's needs, and we adjust your message to global markets.

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