Is corporate video subtitling worth the effort?

Corporate video subtitling

Corporate video subtitles are used to convey the message of the person speaking in the video to the viewer in writing and in their own language. In this way, the viewer hears the original voice and reads the translated subtitles at the same time, to understand what is being communicated.

Corporate videos have become one of the most powerful tools for companies to promote their brand, products and services. The audiovisual format has proved to be the most effective way to reach a target audience. However, it is important to enhance it so that it can cross borders, both physical and linguistic.

What is corporate video subtitling?

Subtitles are a good way to easily enhance corporate videos. They offer numerous advantages that can be of vital importance to the success of our digital marketing strategy. Thanks to them, we can reach all those people who may need our products or services regardless of their language, making it easier for everyone to understand.

Subtitling is a speciality that is found within audiovisual translation. Not only does a subtitler have to master the tools for editing text, they also need to use audio and video applications and, of course, be fluent in the language they're subtitling.

The process of subtitling corporate videos is based on inserting lines of text on-screen in the form of subtitles. This inserted text must be perfectly synchronised with the image being viewed at that moment, as well as with the dialogue being spoken on-screen.

Advantages of subtitling corporate videos


It is important to speak to our customers in their language. Suppose your video is in French but you want to reach other international markets, then something as simple as adding subtitles to your corporate videos will allow you to internationalise your business and reach people from all over the world. This is extremely important if you want your brand to be international.

Improve digital strategy

Given that the world of the internet is mostly Anglo-Saxon, it follows that adding content with English subtitles will increase chances of success considerably. Streaming companies usually do this very well on social media, as videos are usually viewed with subtitles, which allows content to be accessed with and without audio. This not only helps digital strategy but also brand image, as companies that incorporate subtitles in their videos are perceived as more responsible.

Furthermore, subtitles also help improve positioning in search engines, since Google registers subtitles added manually to videos (but does not register automatic closed captions, such as those that can be added on YouTube).

Breaking barriers

The decision to include subtitles or not in your corporate videos can determine whether some users watch or ignore them, as many of them watch on their smartphones while on the bus, at work or in crowded places. If the video can only be understood with an audio feed, the viewer will only be able to watch it if they have headphones with them at the time.

It is also important to make audiovisual content accessible to people with hearing impairments. According to the United Nations, there are 70 million people with this type of disability. That's something that no company or brand can afford to ignore if they hope to reach the largest number of potential customers.

Do you need a subtitling service?

ATLS offers a professional subtitling service provided by native linguists who specialise in different areas. By adding subtitles to your corporate videos, you're bringing your brand or company closer to potential new customers, and helping them to better understand your message. A simple resource to enhance your content! Shall we talk?

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