Machine translation: Is it a good choice?

machine translation

For many, the words "machine translation" are associated with low quality translations that are not faithful to the original texts and that sound unnatural in the target language. This is due, to a great extent, to the fact that there have been many controversial cases of Google Translate producing some unfortunate translations. It is also fair to say that many machine translation systems offer poor results because they are not equipped with up-to-date terminological dictionaries.

Nowadays, there are many companies that require translations of a large quantity of content into various language and in very short time frames. For this reason, even though the quality is very low compared to a professional translation, many of these companies opt for a machine translation. As a result, these systems are gaining much ground in the field of translation.

Needless to say, automatic translation is not the best option; a professional translation will always be better. However, the reality is that new content is being generated constantly and the need for information to be available in various languages means the integration of machine translation systems into work processes is inevitable in any professional translation company.

Machine translation must exist alongside professional translation

These days, professional translation companies cannot ignore the existence of machine translation and they integrate it as an additional tool that complements those normally used. Offering post-editing services for machine translations is an extra in their portfolios of services.

As a translation company, we must constantly be aware of technological advances that affect language. In this way, we can be sure that machine translation will be a useful resource for companies with urgent translation needs.

At AT Language Solutions, we work to maintain and add to our terminology dictionaries for each and every language combination, thus optimising our machine translations. Our machine translations are generated using dictionaries and sophisticated linguistic rules. Plus, thanks to the glossaries provided by our customers, the quality of machine translations is improved.

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