Translate documents without losing the original format

translating documents

We're facing uncertain, scary, and unpleasant times due to the coronavirus crisis, which have forced companies to take exceptional measures, meaning thousands of people are working from home to prevent the spread of the virus. As we know, any information being sent out at the moment will be scrutinised in detail, so you need to be sure you haven't made any mistakes, and that you're translating it into the languages of your recipients. To make it easier for you, in today's post we'll look at how you can send your documents for translation without losing the format.In other words, the translated text will be inserted back into your document without modifying the original format.

What editable documents are you going to be working on over the coming weeks?

  • Press releases and communications: over the coming weeks, companies will need to report internally (to employees and collaborators) and externally (to customers and the media) on any news related to the company's situation: remote working, guidelines, news, etc. All this information will be sent via press releases, emails, social networks, and blogs, etc. This type of content is important, so you should look to a translation company to ensure that the text is reviewed by linguists: that way you can be sure there aren't any errors or spelling mistakes. If you have an international audience, you need to communicate in their native language to make sure the message is fully understood.
  • Reports and presentations: the crisis is leading to a lot of changes on the market; many businesses have been forced to close, leading to precarious financial situations. This means they'll need to present reports to boards of directors or report on the company's status - and in the case of a multinational, this means presenting information to branches in other countries. The information contained in these documents must be provided in all the languages of the decision-makers, to ensure there are no misunderstandings and that everything is explained in writing in their native language.
  • Infographics and images: an image is worth more than a thousand words, and you've no doubt already seen more than one about the measures we need to take to prevent the spread of coronavirus. A lot of people from overseas live in Spain, so it's important to give them information in their own language: that way we can help them prevent the spread better than if we only spoke our own language.

Translate documents without losing the format

Whatever the format of your editable documents: PowerPoint, Excel, Word, html... Send them for translation using our online translation tool and you won't need to worry about editing the content again once you've received it: we'll translate the document without losing the format; in other words, we'll send it back to you in exactly the same format as you uploaded it in. And if this doesn't seem like enough, we're offering a solution that'll make it even easier for you: AT-Hub.

This new platform allows you to upload any type of document, editable or non-editable (PDF, images, InDesign, etc.), so there's no need for excessive email chains to confirm quotes or approvals. From the second you upload your documents you'll be able to see your order status, quotes, and delivery dates, etc.

If you want to translate your documents quickly and efficiently, get in touch with us.


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