AT transcribes videos for the lighting sector


ATLS has provided a translation solution for one of the lighting sector's major companies, which is well known for its ability to create highly successful ad hoc solutions to meet its clients' specific needs.

The company develops lighting projects worldwide and designs customised products for each client. This is one of the many reasons why they decided to contact us.

What type of translation were they looking for?

Due to their presence in the Middle East, America, Africa, Asia and Europe, the company needed to translate part of their material and content into several languages. The material in question was for training their sales force. The company made a video recording in Spanish of the training sessions given by the commercial division and asked ATLS to:

  1. Transcribe the audio of the videos, synchronise the texts with the images and generate a subtitle file in Spanish.
  2. Translate these subtitles from Spanish into English.

The transcription process carried out by the AT Language Solutions team involved receiving the files in .mp4, and returning them to the client in .srt format, with the text of the subtitles. This format, which allows subtitles to be added, is very popular and is also compatible with most multimedia players.

Thanks to the transcription of the videos and the translation of the texts, the company's sales teams can now follow all the training sessions given in Spanish from the subtitles translated into English.

This type of project is one of ATLS's new customised solutions. The company is proud to continue providing high quality solutions for specific requirements. What’s yours?

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