Copywriting for online stores can help to boost your sales

Copywriting for online stores can help to boost your sales

You're probably here because you have an e-commerce store, or you're thinking about it, and you've noticed one key thing: the manufacturer's product descriptions provide very little value and don't help to sell your products to future customers. It is also true that using this plagiarised content does little to help your positioning and can undermine your credibility as a seller. The solution is copywriting for online stores. How do you do it? Read on to find out!

So, what exactly is copywriting for online stores?

As we have seen elsewhere on the blog, copywriting generally encourages our reader to carry out a specific action. In the case of e-commerce, this action would typically be to add products to the shopping basket and eventually purchase them; when we talk about copywriting for the website, our goal is for the user to send in a contact form.

But in order to make it that far, you have to convince the potential customer of the benefits of said product, make them feel secure within the shopping process and wrap it all up in an attractive package. An effective copywriting strategy for online stores should help our customer to feel that we're there with them, offering clarity and transparency as though we were talking them through it in person. Understanding their needs and concerns and addressing any questions they may have. In short, to fully empathise with the user and provide them with all the information they need to finalise their shopping process.

And now, maybe you're thinking: "Ok, well I'll go into chapter and verse about the product so that they know exactly what they're buying".

And our response? BE CAREFUL!

Let's think about product descriptions which can list the characteristics of the products but tend to be a little dry.

A person won't buy an electric brush because the battery voltage is 3.7 or the technology uses lithium ions, as the vast majority of us do not know what this even means. This may be a thorough description but the text does not connect or empathise with the potential buyer. Therefore, the shopping basket stays empty.

A customer will buy from you because this electric brush is extremely light or because the battery lasts for 7 days without charge or because it's able to suck the dirt from every hidden corner of your home. So you can see, the key is not to list the characteristics, but rather to explain the benefits received as a result. Welcome to the world of copywriting for online stores!

Things to take into account in copywriting for online stores

Let's see how we can turn text into a sales machine!

Product sheets

If you want to have an online store, you cannot have poor quality product descriptions which are short, and plagiarised, and that do not focus on the product's benefits or work to generate confidence in the buyer.

A product sheet for e-commerce must include several elements:

Product title

This is the first thing the user will see and therefore it must be sufficiently descriptive. It is important to include as many details as possible, as many only stores have many similar products.

The power of images

The images in an online store are of vital importance. The more images you have of the product, the better your conversion rate will be. Remember that the user cannot physically see the product.

Short description

The short description usually goes under the title and does not usually contain more than 2 or 3 lines. This provides general information on what this product is like, its main characteristics, and what makes it differ from other products.

Detailed features

This part is usually drawn up with bullet points in the form of a list. It is important that all the product details and technical characteristics appear.

Extended description

The extended description is where copy takes centre stage as this is the text that aims to convince the user to purchase the product. It is not a list of technical details, but rather of the advantages and benefits that this product brings to the customer. People are emotional and often feel inspired by a product far beyond the technical characteristics that they may not always understand. The long description shows us how the product can solve our problem or answer to our needs.

 Storytelling within copywriting for online stores

This is directly linked to the previous point. If, in addition to writing a comprehensive description of our product, we use our copywriting skills to add a storytelling aspect to the description, we can really differentiate ourselves from the competition and achieve that "WOW" factor.

How can I do it?

Create a story involving the product so that the client can really picture themselves using and enjoying the product. Storytelling has a great power of conversion, as it creates an emotional link with the buyer. Don't forget that we make a large part of our purchases by listening to our heart rather than our head. In fact, according to the University of Nebrija, "90% of purchase decisions are emotional, and only 20% are rational". This information must absolutely be taken into account and applied in our e-commerce store.

The importance of a copywriter

The creation of product descriptions that, in addition to being attractive, help you position yourself in search engines and that also encourage purchases means calling in the professionals. In this case, the best solution is to call on the services of a copywriter who specialises in e-commerce.

What benefits will you receive with copywriting for online stores?

Boost sales: The texts created by a copywriter will help your customers to better understand your products. This, in turn, will increase the conversion percentage.

Improve your SEO: Not only will your texts be more attractive and help to encourage purchases, but the texts will be better positioned in Google.

Brand image: Your product descriptions will feel more friendly as the writer gets under the reader's skin and accompanies them throughout the purchasing process. All this while maintaining a high level of professionalism in order to generate positive brand image.

Time management: Bring in the professionals to carry out these tasks that can be incredibly time consuming and require expert knowledge to really shine and generate an impact on readers. These means you can invest your precious time into tasks which require your direct contribution.

Improve your conversion rate with copywriting for online stores! Would you like us to help? Let's start!.

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