Technology will help you to better manage your translations

Technology to manage translations

Efficient translation management, as part of a company's internationalisation efforts, is not an easy task. The person charged with this task often has a lot of other responsibilities and has to deal with the constant back and forth of emails to translators or translation companies. It's an endless amount of admin with little added value, and it can be rather tedious.


How translations are usually managed

Usually, there are one or more people in the marketing, communication, legal, digital or e-commerce department who are in charge of managing translations efficiently. How do they usually do it? The client sends a document to the translation company, the project manager sends a quote, the client approves it, and lastly the project manager sends the translated document to the client. The whole process involves a good few emails back and forth between the client and the translation company. This means investing a very precious resource: time.

When a company translates content regularly, translation management becomes burdensome and takes up a lot of the manager's time and energy. And let's be honest, the associated bureaucracy does not add much value.


How to manage translations efficiently and effortlessly

Aware of the time and money that some translation companies must invest to manage translations efficiently, AT has created a free online tool to save time and gain efficiency: AT-HUB, the free online platform that centralises a company's translations, whether an SME or large company.

Using AT-HUB, companies can easily request translation quotes, accept orders with the expected delivery date and follow their progress in real time. It allows companies to validate workflows and segment by business units and cost centres. All files are always available for download on the platform, both the original document and the translation.

Likewise, our platform for efficient translation management allows users and supervisors to generate real-time reports in order to control and monitor costs, jobs, quotes and spending. In addition, a single business group can have several billing companies and select which files they want to invoice through which companies.

One of the most attractive features of our translation management tool is that AT-HUB will return the document to you in the same format (csv, doc, docx, dot, htm, html, odp, ods, odt, ppt, pptx, rtf, shtm, shtml, tmx, txt, xhtml, xls, xlsx, xml, idml, srt).

Available services

In addition to document and file translation, clients can request other services through AT-HUB, including:

Text correction: revision and correction of texts in Spanish or any other language.

Transcreation: we translate creatively with the aim of bringing the text closer to the target audience, culturally speaking, so that they perceive the message in the same way as the source audience, even if this means producing different texts across the different languages. This service is especially relevant to marketing and advertising texts.

Sworn translation: a sworn translation is required for documents written in another language that must be legally valid before an official body. A sworn translation will always bear the stamp and signature of the sworn translator, and it is officially recognised by the authorities.

Types of translation

A translation can be Expert or Premium.

Expert Translation: this is the most popular choice. A professional, native-speaker translator translates the text, and then a professional linguist performs the quality control procedure.

Premium Translation: recommended for all translations that have a public aim (such as corporate reports, technical manuals, translations related to knowledge dissemination, etc.). It follows the same process as the Expert translation, but, as an additional step, a second translator reviews the translated text. In other words, the translation plus two separate checks. Our Expert translation service is what we consider a 'certified translation': it follows ISO 17100: 2015 guidelines, awarded only to the best translation services at an international level.


Thanks to the technology used to manage translations effectively, many of our clients have seen how a cumbersome process has become a quick and simple task. This has benefited them in terms of time investment and has exponentially increased their control over translation costs and resulted in significant savings. Long gone are the times when companies would lose working hours and patience requesting translation budgets, validations, follow-up of deliveries, etc. With AT-HUB you will have everything in an online tool. And, what's more, it doesn't carry any additional cost, as we offer this technology completely free for our clients.

If you think this platform could be the answer to managing your translations efficiently, giving you less to worry about and getting rid of all that unnecessary admin, write to us! We'll get in touch and set up your AT-HUB free of charge.

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