How do you create a multilingual digital marketing strategy?


If you work with social media, no doubt you have considered how to develop your digital strategy, including what content to post, how many posts to publish, where to publish them and when and, very important to consider if your business has an international focus: what language to publish in.

How to publish posts in various language on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Social networks offer different functions for adapting the language of our messages to the target audience:


Facebook has a Multilingual composer function that lets you translate your messages automatically. To activate this option, simply do the following:

  1. Click on the "Settings" button at the top on the right
  2. Select the "Publish in multiple languages" option
Facebook Language

By selecting this option, Facebook recognises the system data of the composer in order to improve its translation model systems, collating information on languages that are rarely used and eliminating language barriers.


In the case of Twitter, translations are generated using Bing's translation engine and an automatic translation can be generated in over 40 languages.Users can also suggest changes to the translation if it is incorrect and thus help to improve the translation engine.

Configure the translation of tweets

  1. Sign in to your account using a desktop PC or laptop
  2. Go to account settings and find the "Tweet Translation" option
  3. To change the settings, tick the "Show Tweet translations" box

And now, when users read a tweet in a language that isn't configured in their profiles, they will be able to click a globe icon in the lower left section of the tweet to see an automatic translation.


Currently, this social network does not have an option for translating organic posts. It is only possible to translate professional profiles. To do this you will need to sign in to your profile and select "Add profile in another language" on the right-hand side of the profile page.

LinkedIn Translation

It also has a language separation function. To do this, select "Share with:" and "Target audience" -> "Language preference" and select the corresponding language.

In any case, translations on social networks are automatic, so if you want a quality translation you need to contact a professional translation service.

Would you include another social network that allows the translation of posts?

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