The insurance sector and invoice translation

The insurance sector and invoice translation

Translation is part of the insurance sector's business process and is an excellent opportunity to exploit: one requirement for insurance companies is to translate international invoices. This way, they are able to handle each case properly, taking into account the specific insurance coverage of each policy holder.

After analysing a request made by a client, we have developed a language recognition and translation solution which is fully automatic and customised to client's needs. It simplifies the management of international invoices and reduces the total management costs by 60% for the insurance sector.

What is our language recognition and machine translation system?

It is a system that works using folders, so all you need to do is upload the invoice to be translated and it appears translated in the same format.

This solution permits:

  1. The extraction of the text from the image (usually in pdf format).
  2. Automatic recognition of the source language. Our system allows the detection of more than one language in the same document.
  3. Machine translation from its source language to the defined target language.
  4. Reconstruction of the original invoice translated, maintaining its format.

What advantages does this solution offer for insurance companies?

This translation system, developed for insurance companies and mutual societies from any sector (health, car, home, etc.) has significant advantages which have a positive effect on the translation process already in place in these types of companies:

  1. Invoice refunds managed in one place: the translation is all managed from one point, omitting international translation duplicates.
  2. Instant translation: a machine translation solution giving instant access to translated documents.
  3. Reduction in costs and management for translations of these invoices. The system can lead to savings of up to 60%, including the cost of the solution.
  4. Successful resolution of over 80% of international invoices.

This way insurers can carry out their own management immediately, reducing management processes and unnecessary translations.

At ATLS®, we have the solution for any translation you need. Leave languages in the best hands.

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