Tools for measuring website conversion

Website conversion tools

If you have a website, you've probably thought many times about analysing your users' browsing habits. Well then, this post will show you some tools that can help you to analyse the user experience and measure web conversion.

Tools for measuring website conversion

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a tool you can use to see how users interact with your website. It can help us understand usability and make decisions about applied design and features. For Crazy Egg to work properly, you have to insert an invisible script in the web code that will track user behaviour. What are its functions?

  • Heatmap: shows us the specific places where users click on a page.
  • Overlay: lets us see the number of clicks a user does on a specific element.
  • Confetti: shows us where clicks come from (external sources, keywords, etc.).
  • Scrolling map: shows us user browsing within a webpage, identifying when and where they stop and the moment they click away.

One of the benefits of this tool is that the interface is very simple and intuitive and the cost is relatively low if you compare it with other fee-paying tools. It also allows you to do A/B tests to try out two designs and determine which of the two works better.


Optimizely is a tool that stands out due to its A/B test functionality, the main feature of this tool. With this platform you can create two different landing pages and test out which one works better, without writing a line of code.

This tool also lets you decide what percentage of users to direct to each landing page and also customise the audience directed to each one based on browser, device, language, localisation, etc. What does this tool let us measure?

  • Clicks: specifies the landing page elements and tells you how many clicks they get.
  • Visits / pageviews: shows you the number of visits to the page.
  • Customised actions: launch a pop-up, add a product to the cart, etc.

Its interface is very easy to use and we can create several tests at the same time.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, as most of you will know, this is a free tool that gives an overview of website visits. It's one of the most widely used analytical tools in Spain and lets you create events (specific actions) to measure web conversion. What data does it provide?

  • Percentage of new users: how many of total page hits are first-time visitors.
  • Bounce rate: users entering and leaving the page without performing any actions.
  • Average time on page: average time the user spends on the page.
  • Source of visits: where the user accesses from.
  • Country of origin: location of the users accessing the website.

This tool enables integration with social networks and other types of marketing tools to analyse and measure certain actions or online campaigns.

If visits are tracked, you can find out what users are doing, which makes it easier to identify possible issues on your website and boost conversion. Remember that, in addition to measuring conversion, you need to localise your content. ATLS is here for you!

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