Translating documents while maintaining their format

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We now live in a culture of immediacy. Everything happens rapidly, and we don't have time to stop. There are two main reasons that have seen us evolve to this point: the internet and technology. But there's another important part to this equation, one that links the two concepts together: speed.Years ago, we'd never have thought we'd be able to browse using 5G technology or get online from anywhere in the world. We're becoming more and more demanding, and we expect the same quality at a faster pace. At AT we don't like to be outdone, so we're fully on board with this trend. That's why today we're going to take a look at how to translate your documents quickly while maintaining their format.

 Online translation platforms are really common; every day, millions of people around the world use them to translate their content. But you can't rely on all of them. At AT Language Solutions we offer a simple, fast, and accessible cloud-based solution that you can access no matter where you are.

ATS Cloud is a very useful tool. It means you can translate documents and content in seconds, making many business' lives easier and saving them a lot of time. Internal or external presentations, letters or any type of document, price lists in Excel, or even programming formats: all can be downloaded - translated - in the same format you uploaded them in. So anyone in your business organisation can do their job much more quickly, and effectively.

Translating documents while maintaining their format

How to use the ATS Cloud platform

The platform's interface is really simple and intuitive:

  • First, you need to register.
  • Once your registration's complete you can access the platform where you'll be given the option of two types of automatic translation (machine translation):
  1. Upload your files: You can upload your document in its original format and the platform will return it to you, translated, in exactly the same format you uploaded it in.
  2. Text box translation: you enter the text you'd like to translate on the left, choose your target language, and the translation will appear in the box on the right, ready for you to copy and paste.

Advantages of using our platform

The main added value you get from ATS Cloud is that it translates your content whilst maintaining the format of the original document you sent. This is a particularly useful function that other machine translation platforms don't offer.

The technology means you:

  • Save time: imagine you need to give a corporate presentation to some foreign customers and you don't have time to redo it. If it's an editable file, our platform will return your presentation translated, in the same format, keeping all the branding, fonts, and sizes, etc. exactly as in the original.
  • Save money: regardless of the language or the level of complexity our platform has a fixed price of €0.01 per word.
  • Promote multilingualism: if several languages are spoken in your business, sending content in people's own language promotes engagement and helps to create links within the organisation.

How does ATS Cloud technology work?

What makes AT Language Solutions different from other translation companies is that we develop our own proprietary translation technology. One of our key strengths are our translation engines - they were the product we started our business journey with at AT more than twenty years ago. The engines we use now are mainly based on neural translation (artificial intelligence), and they "learn" from every translation. This makes them more accurate, and makes them sounds more natural (so basically content doesn't sound as though it's been translated by a machine). We also train engines for different domains such as finance, hospitality, insurance, and fashion.

ATS Cloud means you can translate your documents instantly in multiple formats. If you have any queries or need more information about how they work, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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