Translating your customers' reviews: why is it important?

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Translating reviews may mean spending hours in front of a screen without knowing exactly what to do, or being sure of its effectiveness, but nothing further from the truth: translating a review into Spanish is one of the best decisions you can make if you want your business to move seamlessly into other markets. That's why at ATLS we want to tell you what this process involves, the changes that are being made to translation technologies and how you can make it work for you. Shall we start?

Why is it important to translate your customers' reviews?

However, because it gives visibility and achieves leads without geographical limits, leading to an increase in your business profits. A good brand reputation is essential, as it leads to increased customer loyalty and trust. And, finally, due to the pace of technological change, as it provides an accessible solution for showcasing your products, thanks to programmes, plugins and automated processes (although always with human supervision, we should add).

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For example, ATLS uses a plugin called WPML that builds multilingual sites designed with WordPress. There is also the option of the WooCommerce plugin, also for WordPress, which will give an exponential boost to both your conversions and positioning in search engines, in the long term (and in a short time!). This is absolutely necessary for your e-commerce, regardless of the type, because ranking on the first page of google guarantees steady traffic to your site.

How can I translate a review from English into Spanish?

If you want a direct answer, here it is: simple, without too much investment and within weeks, making you ready to expand your business into international markets. Today, cutting-edge innovations in technology, such as the use of AI in certain translation processes, help by carrying out tasks automatically, leaving you valuable time to dedicate to others. As we mentioned earlier, there are plugins to help enhance this process, making it more an adventure than a tedious task.

Automation when translating product reviews

Artificial intelligence is now making significant strides in the translation industry, just the same as machine translation did years ago. Technology is evolving at a dizzying pace and, as translators, we need to adapt to the times (without forgetting our value as human professionals, of course).

Although the automatic translation of product reviews doesn't meet the quality of human translation, in some cases it can work as a complement to it: saving on expenses, the low likelihood of mismatches and maintaining HTML tags to avoid breaking codes are just some, but there is also a counterpoint: if we only use a translation based on neural networks and do away with the human factor, then heaven help us, as we could end up investing more time in proofreading if the tool is not sufficiently developed. And not to mention that if the context is not understood by the machine, it's likely to use the same term for a legal text as with an advertising text.

Translate review

However, it's a double-edged sword that must be used with caution when translating reviews into Spanish.

Translating product reviews in WooCommerce

WooCommerce, the WordPress-based ecommerce platform to help you build a successful online business, is ideal for ensuring that your products reach more people every day in every part of the world. And translating them well.

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Do you think that the more positive reviews you get, the more your business will grow? You're right: with this platform, your product reviews will be reliably translated, and the best possible reference for a potential customer. And, with the WPML plugin and ATLS, you can use any theme and WooCommerce plugin in your website; we make them compatible to ensure translation accuracy, and all you need to do is change the language button of your reviews to get going.

As a company, do I want to translate customer product reviews?

Yes, yes and yes! It's easier than you think: you won't waste time trying to find a language service provider specialising in translating product reviews, or spend resources you can't afford on trying to reach a wider audience.

As a company, your priority is to improve your sales, and this requires focusing on certain areas, and translation is not an exception to this rule. When translating reviews from English into Spanish, the most spoken language par excellence, or even into another language specific for your target audience, you're focusing your energy on what really matters: customer satisfaction.

Look at it this way: each review is your blog entry, or your letter of presentation to the world. It may be the first thing about your business they see, and giving a bad impression because you haven't translated your reviews could have undesired consequences. For this reason, it's essential that your customers from all around the world can access these reviews quickly and easily, for example, by showing them in all languages or ensuring that they are translated well.

Our advice

An e-commerce needs consistent upkeep, and translating customer reviews is a way of showing your interest in your business, as well as gaining a good brand reputation and boosting your sales. Translating product reviews into another language, certainly from English to Spanish or vice versa, is a guarantee of success, and plugins (such as the ATLS WPML) and automated processes will help you achieve this faster than you think, and at a very affordable price.

Can I use machine translation, or should I stick with human translation?

If you only use a machine translation to translate your product reviews, you can be sure that there'll be some huge errors; if you only use human translation, the quality will be excellent, but the market may not be able to wait. Therefore, a hybrid solution may be the ideal option.

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It would be interesting to know exactly which language pairs are the best for translating reviews, because there are many variants within a single business type, and there is still no conclusive data (beyond the fact that English is the lingua franca of the internet). It's either adapt or die (digitally speaking), and since the second option is not feasible for an e-commerce, we'd best go for the first. ATLS can help your business automate the translation of your customer reviews, while maintaining the quality of human translation. With nearly 50 years' experience, we offer our expertise and cutting-edge technology to help you with everything you need, and more. Do you want your ratings to speak for you in every language? :)

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