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McDonalds transcreation

In the world of translation, there is now an increasing demand for the specialisations of transcreation and copywriting. A good translation is faithful to the original text, it conveys the same message and purpose and there is always a source and a target language. What is the difference between transcreation and the copywriting?


Transcreation is the process of translating creative language, and lies somewhere between translation and copywriting. This specialisation is typically required by marketing departments and communication and advertising agencies. There is an increasing demand by companies to adapt their advertising and marketing campaigns to other markets.

The transcreation process gives the translator more creative license than for a normal translation. The translator should move away from the original text and create content capable of causing the same emotional impact in the target user in his/her mother tongue. This requires a good knowledge of culture as well as a clear understanding of the client's commercial strategy.

It transcreation necessary?

In the case of advertising, we see examples of transcreation on a daily basis, some of which are more successful than others. McDonald’s, for example, not only adapts and localises its slogans to all countries, but it also does the same with its menus. Every country has their own exclusively designed menus with products adapted to their culture.


Copywriting is a key technique used in advertising. It consists of creating an advertising campaign from the client's briefing. The difference between these two concepts is that copywriting creates content from scratch. The process does not take into account any original text, but rather follows tips or ideas provided by the client to transmit product messages.

There are various copywriting techniques for creating a message that appeals to the target audience. How can this be done with just a briefing? Here are some tips:

  1. Transform features into profits by asking yourself the right questions.
  2. Analyse your client's priorities.
  3. Create profits by incorporating the brand values.
  4. Give reasons to make sure that your target audience believes your message.

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