3 Tools for managing multilingual emails

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Among the countless email management tools, only a few offer users the option of translating the message content. Here we show you some of the platforms that allow you to send multi-language emails, their advantages and features.

MailChimp – For small businesses

If you want to offer translated versions of the content of your campaign content with MailChimp, you need to have an "Author" level account or higher.

  • The free version allows users to send emails to just 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month, so for companies with higher numbers of subscribers, it may be an expensive option.
  • It allows translation into any language through the insertion of translation merge tags using Google Translate technology.

How does it work?

It currently offers two options for translations:

  1. Link to translated campaigns: translation of content into any language. It generates a list of links to the translations of the original content, where each link corresponds to a language.
  2. Translation for individual subscribers: a more specific translation, based on the recipient's preferred language. This is done through the use of conditional merge tags. So, if you know the preferred languages of your subscribers, you can now translate your content.


Mailrelay is the Spanish version of MailChimp and it offers similar features.

  • Its free version allows 75,000 emails and 15,000 subscribers each month.
  • It offers the translation option just for activation emails and only into 5 languages: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan.
  • You need to register with an email account that has its own domain; accounts with Gmail, Outlook, etc are not accepted.

How does it work?

Mailrelay's own system detects the recipient's language and shows the message in the appropriate language. You can take a closer look at the steps to follow in order to translate your subscription emails in Mailrelay's blog.


Campaign Monitor – For large businesses and agencies

This tools allows users to manage large volumes of emails and gives agencies the capacity to manage the marketing campaigns of various clients.

  • It does not have a free version. With the cheapest version, users can send emails to up to 500 subscribers.
  • The translations are provided through Google Translate technology.

How does it work?

Translation with Campaign Monitor is performed by inserting in the original email a link specifying the target language. The translation is automatic and a button in the email to access the translated content is generated. Campaign Monitor's blog explains how to insert the code in the body of the email.

campaign monitor

Why translate your emails with AT?

The newsletter translation service consists in the translation of the content of any email into the language of the recipient. There is no limit to the languages that can be translated or the number of subscribers.

To carry out the translation, just follow these simple steps:

  • Send us your newsletter
  • Send us your list of recipients
  • Define in which language each recipient will receive the email

We'll handle the rest!

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