Interview with Gemma Marcé, ATLS International Marketing Director

International Marketing Director

“Energy”, “creativity”, “sense of humour” and “commitment” are the words that colleagues usually use to talk about Gemma Marcé, ATLS’ Marketing Director. In this interview we set out to delve a little deeper and get to know her better.

Meet Gemma Marcé, ATLS’ International Marketing Director

Discover Gemma Marcé’s advice, experience and challenges as International Marketing Director.

When did you join ATLS?

I came on board in September 2018, but after a few months I left to explore “new worlds”. I quickly realised that I had made the wrong decision and, in January 2020, I returned to what I consider my home.

Tell us a little about the work you do.

I have a dual role: on the one hand, I oversee the internal marketing department, which at its core consists of making the website more dynamic to generate leads for the sales department, communication and customer loyalty, managing social networks and content, organising events and so on and so forth. On the other hand, I also handle the international digital marketing business department for our customers. However, I should point out that my work would come to nothing if it weren’t for the support of the amazing team I have. Without them, nothing would be possible!

Speaking of teams, what qualities do you think a marketing professional should have?

Marketing is a highly competitive field that is constantly evolving. Therefore, from my standpoint, we need to be creative, strategic thinkers, analytical, good communicators, flexible and with a passion for continuously learning. What is trending today may be obsolete tomorrow.

In international marketing, what services do you offer to your customers?

Our goal is to help companies in their internationalisation process. In that regard, we offer a 360° service: from finding keywords to position yourself in a new market, website copywriting with integrated SEO, translating and localising the website to SEO optimisation internationally, and creating and maintaining SEM campaigns; these are just a few examples of the services we offer to our customers.

What type of companies use these services?

All sorts: from corporations that are opening new markets to SMEs that want to take an international leap and need to go hand in hand with an agency with proven experience. 90% of our customers are Spanish companies, but we also have a handful of foreign companies that want to reach Spain and Portugal.

Since your arrival, what have your goals been? What have you focused on in the marketing department?

At first, my goal was to position the brand domestically (improve branding) and, at the same time, to work intensely on the online channel in order to capture leads for the sales department. I think these goals have been well and truly achieved. Now we have to go one step further and continue to grow further. Right now, the focus is, more than anything else, on consolidating the area of international digital marketing for customers. We know how to do our job properly and now all we have to do is grow, grow and grow.

How is the work you are doing in marketing influencing sales?

At this company, marketing is a powerful tool for attracting potential customers. Our beloved sales department works on converting them into customers. In that regard, we coordinate with each other very closely. We work hand in hand and always rowing in the same direction: attracting and converting.

What do we need to consider when planning a good marketing strategy?

There are many factors that go into creating a good strategy. I think this point could end up becoming a whole marketing white paper. To summarise it and not bore you, I will say that at the core is having clear goals, having a deep-lying knowledge of the audience and the market you are targeting, defining your value proposition very carefully compared to the competition and choosing the right channels to reach your audience. And once the wheels are in motion, you have to analyse, analyse and analyse. Only then will you know what works and what doesn’t, and be able to enhance or change your strategy, as necessary.

In your experience, how do the different parts of an online marketing strategy (SEO, SEM, social media and email marketing) complement each other?

Each of these parts you mention complement each other in different ways that will help you achieve the marketing goals set out in the overall strategy.

The focus of your marketing strategy should vary depending on the service or product you offer and the market you are targeting. However, it is the balance between these parts that is crucial, because together they form the cornerstones of a good strategy: increasing visibility, attracting new customers, converting them into buyers and, ultimately, building long-term relationships through loyalty, which should not be underestimated at all.

What advice would you give to a company that wants to grow internationally?

Now, you see, there is a preliminary analysis stage: research the market, the competition and your target audience. Once you have this information, you have to devise a strategy that should include, among other components, adapting the message and content culturally and linguistically to suit the local culture and language. This may include translating and localising web content, apps, marketing and advertising materials, etc. It is vital to create a website that is available in the languages of your target markets. The user experience must be second to none, and this will give you a good advantage. On the other hand, you need to do some heavy lifting with SEO: you need to optimise it for local search engines in each market, using relevant keywords and specific SEO strategies. Also, we need to create content that impacts the local audience, addressing the specific concerns and interests of the target audience. And of course, don't forget about social media as an important part of this, as well as Google Ads to reach your audience quickly.

Lastly, I recommend a good dose of patience and flexibility. International success takes time and effort. Be patient and flexible to adapt to new strategies as you learn from your experiences.

To conclude, what are your challenges and goals for the future?

As I mentioned in a previous point, right now the goal of the company and, therefore, of our marketing department lies, on the one hand, in strengthening the international digital marketing business area and, on the other hand, in growing the online channel to get more and better leads for the sales department.

Without meaning to be too nosey, can you tell us something interesting about yourself? Give us some insight into your personal life. What is your favourite thing to do in your free time?

I love spending as much time as possible with my family, they are the driving force behind my life! And I always make time to go to the gym. At weekends I like to start with a vermouth on the seafront and finish with a fun evening out. 


  • Gemma, can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? A journalist! I loved writing and telling people what was going on around me. In fact, I studied journalism and spent a few years working as a journalist, but I soon realised that I wasn't going to make a very good living… so I decided to switch it up.
  • You are granted one wish to travel anywhere you want. Where would you go? I would like to answer Maldives or Polynesia, but even though I'm dying to go, if I could teleport, I would choose a destination closer to home: Formentera. It’s an obligatory destination of mine for years and I always want to keep going back. Its beaches with crystalline waters, the tranquillity you find in every spot and the sunsets that look like something out of a dream are more than enough reasons.
  • A book you could not do without. Anything by Carlos Ruiz-Zafón. This writer had the unique ability to weave stories that blend intrigue, love, literature and dark secrets in a way that grips you on every page.
  • A dish you never get tired of. Sushi (in all its variants).
  • Your favourite television series. Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. They both got me totally hooked.
  • A film that left its mark on you. There have been many films that I have liked, but the one that has left its mark on me as such is Schindler’s List, directed by Steven Spielberg. The reason why it made such a big impact on me is the way it deals with such intense and emotional subjects as persecution and genocide, with a depth and humanity that few films can match.
  • You love… fun people.
  • You can’t stand… boring people.
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